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Glaamp Bedding
Chelsea and Bronson Dredge
We love these!!

We use Glaamp bedding on our 3 bunk caravan and the kids and I love them! The ability to layer the duvet inners is really clever, so they can be used all year round. The quality of materials and fit to the bunks are superb. They make changing the sheets on bunks a much easier job! Will be using these for many years to come!

Glaamp Bedding
Brendan Mclean
The kids slept all night!

We have triple bunks and we always had at least one kid throwing off covers and getting cold at night! Not anymore! Ever since we got this bedding they have slept through every night! The fit is amazing, I want one in queen size next!

Glaamp Bedding
Kirsten Roy
Perfect for our 4yr old

We’ve get so much more sleep now !!! Our four year old moves a lot in her sleep and was waking a lot due to being cold from kicking off the covers or rolling (partially or fully) out of her bottom bunk. Now that she is zipped in everyone is happy and sleeps so much better ! We also love how quickly it dries when we wash it.

Purchased caravan sheet set as a Birthday gift for my granddaughter. As her Birthday is not until February we will not know how they fit. The colour was a little different to what I expected but as long as they do the job I will be happy. Will be ordering another set shortly if they fit the beds.

Glaamp Bedding
Best caravan bunk bedding

Such lovely bunk bedding. Our kids love it and it makes the bunks a pleasure to make.

Great Bedding

We have used these bunk sheet sets for the past two weeks. They ensure making the bunk beds are easy and fast. Easy to change and wash bedding. I just wish they had the different colours available when I ordered our sets.

Glaamp Bedding
The Travelling Willies

Fast drying, easy to put together and fit on the mattress. Perfect sizing and looks so snuggly and tidy. I look forward to wash & make bed day

Great product

Absolutely amazing quality! Highly recommended and the bunks stayed looking so neat and tidy even with two teenage boys sleeping in them!

No more struggling to make the bunks!

Our Glaamp bedding makes going away in our caravan easier, the kids love sleeping in their bunks and we like not having to make their beds each day

Love it!

Our kids love this bedding. They make their beds and keep their bunks looking so much tidier than before. And changing the sheets is so easy now, just putting on ONE fitted sheet is a breeze!